Tribeca wall

Almalight 2020

Expanding the Tribeca collection, with its characteristic alabaster lamp shade, we have developed a version for the head of the bed that includes a practical arm for reading in a simple and discreet design with an independent switch.

Due to the design of the luminaire and the position of the reader, it allows the same piece to be placed both on the right or left side of the bed, with the reader beneath the sphere or on the side of it, making it widely polyvalent.

General lighting is generated by a Seoul 4.5W 2700K 270lm LED giving a pleasant, comfortable and elegant light. The reader incorporates a 3W 3000K 260lm LED with an integrated 30º lens that solves very effectively the problem of reading in bed, precisely and without disturbing.

The iron structures are finished in black epoxy painting.