BROTS, created in the Empordà region and located in Camallera, which has been created by a group of professionals from the creative sector, from the worlds of product design, interior design and graphic design with an interest and passion in being able to combine our efforts, knowledge, experience and, above all, excitement to give life to our creations, as well as those of other design partners. We hope to create a vital, active dynamic space in which to favour the interaction between designers, value the design process and series of sales, while at the same time, keep everything made to measure. The excuse is to design for oneself as a self commission, without previous premises or filters, to be able to come up with a highly personal, original, consistent product. This is part of the philosophy that we hope to transmit at Brots. Proximity is the key to understanding our design, with customers and users as well as with artisans and manufacturers of articles. This means we can set up bonds with all of them to manage to produce a better product.

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