Almalight 2020

FUJI is a beautiful collection that combines two noble materials: iron and alabaster. Its name refers to Mount Fuji, the famous Japanese volcano whose clean forms inspire the design of its conical shade. FUJI, of clear Art-Déco inspiration, conveys simplicity, softness, elegance and minimalism.

What we like most about FUJI is that it is a handcrafted collection that brings an unequivocal touch of refinement and high standing to any space or interior design. The alabaster with which its shade is made denotes great warmth and gives it a spectacular look when the light comes on, and is very beautiful when it is off, since each of them is, in itself, a genuine decorative object with a unique identity, unrepeatable veinings and a soft translucency. The metal structures of the FUJI collection, on the other hand, are simple and contrast harmoniously with the heaviness of the stone. FUJI is perfect for classy spaces both in homes and in retail projects or hospitality and catering spaces.

The FUJI collection consists of four models: two single pendants, one with a 22cm diameter shade and the other with a 30cm diameter shade; a table lamp with a 22cm diameter shade and, finally, a floor lamp with a 30cm diameter shade. The structures are made of electrolytic-bathed iron in polished brass finish, and all FUJI fixtures include a non-dimmable integrated Seoul LED of 4,6W 2700K 260lm in the case of the small shade, and 4,83W 2700K 335lm in the case of the big one.