Almalight 2019

Tribeca collection, inspired by Art Déco, made of noble materials and whose most visible feature is the alabaster spherical shade. This stone, which comes from Spanish quarries and has a great tradition in our country, gives each shade a unique identity, with white and gray betas, sometimes with some earth-color touch. They are all fascinating, of a soft translucence.

Tibeca is a handcrafted collection with a retro, elegant and minimalist look. The alabaster conveys a great deal of warmth and gives a spectacular look when the light is turned on, and a wonderful appearance when it is off. The style of the collection fits perfectly into the decorations that come: with it, we are creating a trend. On the other hand, the structures are simple, contrasting with the ‘heaviness’ of the stone. Tribeca finds a perfect balance in the contrast between weight and lightness.